Adobe EchoSign Review

A few weeks ago I was sent a document to sign electronically via EchoSign, Adobe's recently acquired cloud app for electronic signatures. I was impressed by it's ease of use, so I decided to review it informally. I was surprised by how easy it was to get signed up, you can create an account, or sign in with your Google or Google apps account. Since I am a Google Apps customer I chose to sign up using that. After agreeing to the usual ToS stuff I was asked if I would like to integrate EchoSign into my google documents for apps (of course I said yes!).

Once you are all signed up you are greeted with this lovely dashboard:
Oh what is this? 5 more signatures per month just by integrating with Twitter? SOLD!

I only have a free account, which gives you 5 signatures per month (plus an additional 5 if your use twitter!), but there are other packages depending on how much you use this product. You can find the price breakdown here.

When you send a document to someone for a signature, the recipient is sent an email from EchoSign detailing what you need to do, and following a link brings you to the EchoSign page to begin your signature process. As I mentioned earlier you can use your Google or Google Apps account to sign in as an added authentication method. Once the document is signed you both get a copy of it as a PDF.

I highly recommend this product if you print a lot of documents requiring signatures which then just sit in a folder somewhere. E-signature = less trees being filed in a cabinet.


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